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Welcome to Futures Forecasts. We provide daily charts of futures prices and with unique directional trend forecasts. Featuring the latest forecasts for stock market futures, oil, gold, silver, platinum and commodities. You'll also find historical futures prices and related trading news for each product we feature.


Stock Market Futures

stock market futures

Our stock market futures section provides you with chart forecasts for Dow Jones futures, Nasdaq, eMini S&P500 and other indices like Nikkei futures. Each page contains a chart forecast, description and pivot points for the trading day.


Oil Futures Prices

oil futures

Within our oil futures section we feature forecasts for crude oil prices plus other energy related products such as Natural Gas, Coal futures and more. There's chart and pivot points for those actively trading oil futures.


Gold Futures

gold futures

Here you will find forecasts for gold futures, but in addition to this most popular commodity we also feature silver futures and other precious metals such as platinum and copper futures. Again each forecast comes with pivot points for trading.


Commodity Futures

commodity futures

Our commodity futures forecasts cover most livestock and grains futures. Like corn futures, wheat, sugar and coffee futures. Along with related current news and pivot points for day trading the front month contracts.


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